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Embodied Yoga as Fascial Fitness: Redefining and Refining Asana

March 17th 1:30-4:30 Indaba Yoga Studio

One of the beautiful aspects of yoga is that there is not ‘one way’ of practicing, except for maybe in the rigidity of our mind.

This 3 hour workshop will take you off your mat and into new directions that deconstruct and redefine your understanding of your yoga practice. Using asana, freeform movement and fascial fitness (movements designed to unwind and create health and vibrancy through the soft tissue matrix), we will explore various movement patterns – some that are familiar, and others more foreign – all designed to allow a deeper understanding of physical freedom and your greater potential for movement.

We will work at varying speeds, with time spent both on, and off the mat, and while a part of the time will be spent getting lost in experimentation, there will also be refinement of traditional asana integrating new understanding of physical space with classical alignment; the goal being to widening your lens of understanding of what yoga practice means to you.


Indaba Yoga Studio (book here, scroll to 17/3/19)

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