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be afraid, be very afraid

Men, women…it’s time to wake up. The power of female kind has been asleep for several hundred decades. Seriously… how did we allow ourselves to be squeezed into corsets, married off at fourteen and disguised with kohl, powders and wigs? I mean, it might be fun for a day, but alas, it’s time we feel the light, open our eyes and orient to our great, natural human potential.

We have been conditioned our whole life and lives past to appear inferior, weaker, dumber, and less powerful on many levels than our male counterpart, generation after generation. We have severed the passing-on of ancient alchemical knowledge of our sisterhood and instead have been entranced to become dependent, isolated, and used to abuse…all while being expected to embody sexuality and sensuality staying forever fit, young and feminine.

To this, I say be afraid, be very afraid. A new day is dawning for women around the world to change the route travelled by their elders; to turn to and embrace older woman for their knowledge, courage, experience and creativity and to see these budding attributes in themself. It’s time for women young and old to unite and share information, love and respect for female kind and for the restoration of humanity.

In this new age, girl power is maturing into woman power and is not to be underestimated, belittled or demeaned.

Being a woman means, at the very least, being two letters and one sound extra than a man. Whoooa-man.

In this age of repressing wrinkles, menopause and excess weight, yes, a new day is dawning. A day when women can own their individuality, strength, intelligence, wisdom and power. A day where we have the opportunity to band together in empathy and shared experience rather than isolating ourselves out of insecurity and egoism.

We each have a unique story to tell, a special skill, a sacred language to simultaneously share and call our own. This is woman power, this is our answering cry to the lone wolf. Join us, celebrate us, or cower in fear. Either way, we will not be defeated. We will stand together stronger and more beautiful, more feminine, more creative than any one man could ever be, on our own volition. We are WOman, hear us roar.

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