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A Surprise in the form of a Harrods’s Delivery Man

Today has been another eventful day at the Royal Free complete with wonderful visits from friends, and medical progress around the periphery. The big surprise today, however, has been the large anonymous delivery box from Mr. Harrods. I was flabbergasted to see this little gentleman all dressed in Harrods’s green carrying a ginourmous box marked fragile; but what was more perplexing was the lack of identification of the sender!

Upon opening the box I found a lovely wicker basket filled with delicious body oil, creme and a huge Ralph Lauren candle; the wicker basket has buckles and even a little place for a name plaque should I choose to travel with it. Very lovely.

Please! If you know anything about the origins of this box or it’s sender, please do let me know. I would love to thank whomever was thinking of me.

Each of you who thinks of me out there is to be thanked and appreciated. As I have mentioned before, I am deeply committed to my belief — the only reason I have been giving this miracle is because of You. This collective body of peaceful warriors that have let love take a focus, even for a moment, has helped me to both connect to the ultimate gift giver, my donor, and to get through some very hairy moments on the operation table as well as during recovery, which has been somewhat complicated.

The good news is that around the medical periphery today some positive findings will help to assess my recovery plan further. The doctors have noted that I have collapsed lower left and right lungs with a possible abscess. Luckily I am already on IV antibiotics, so the abscess should clear up and my lungs with some increased breath exercises should also heal in due time. The problem was I in such pain due to a an infection in the liver and fluid around the liver that was drained on Friday, that I haven’t been able to breath fully, but this is improving the more I walk and move. The surgeons have been by and are trying to bleed the wound since quite a bit of blood has been oozing through, and actually that blood they want to get rid of. Because my hemoglobin count is low, they want me to have 2 courses of blood transfusion, which will happen overnight. I fear I may be in yet for another night without the good ZZZs, but! The lovely and ever so friendly Erin Moore has picked me up a pair of anti-sound earphones as well as some kind of usb dongle for my computer to connect to the internet as I’ve used all my data from my phone, so this is my first dongle-blog entry. Here’s to Erin Moore! Here’s to the anti-sound earphones! Here’s to the blood transfusion! Here’s to mystery box sender! Here’s to YOU!!!

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