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Raw Fairies: The Mini B Cleanse Review

For the background on why Raw Fairies, why the Mini B Cleanse, check this out

On Monday I started the Raw Fairies Mini B Cleanse, five days of raw, vegan juices and food to help the body ‘detox’. While not a huge fan of the concept of detoxing (I am more inclined to champion a sustainable, daily diet for life) I nevertheless decided to give this one a try.





Day five will be another juice and smoothie day, which will complete the ‘cleanse’. I have to admit, I am surprised that I have stuck with it. It hasn’t been too difficult, though the fatigue has been the most unbearable aspect. However, the essence of the food is very good, and I would like to continue with a week of the normal menu, to see if it is shedding a light on a more sustainable way of living and eating on a plant based, raw diet. We all have individual needs, and it would be my hope that any food delivery service would attempt to personalize their service to the best of their ability. Afterall, the meager amount of food received doesn’t come cheap, and my primary interest is in educating myself. It is one thing to dine out at raw vegan cafes and make myself salads, raw hummous sandwiches on store-bought raw bread, but another to concoct delicious and nutritive meals day after day in my own kitchen. Any company that could educate through example would be doing the world a huge service.

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