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Modern Yoga Will Not Form a Real Culture Unless…

Modern Yoga Will Not Form a Real Culture Until Every Studio Can Also Double as a Soup Kitchen and other observations from the threshold between yoga and activism by Matthew Remski

Coziness doesn’t cost money. It simply takes intents and an eye on the bigger picture. Inner peace is nice, but what-all goes in to it?

A must read for yoga practitioners, studio owners and teachers, Matthew Remski’s excerpt from 21st Century Yoga, asks the question about what we are creating as yogis? Are we looking to build a real community based on diverse suffering, human need and compassion, or an elitist activity where we go for an hour or two to escape onto the mat with any unnecessary involvement with ‘others’?

He writes, “I don’t need yoga to be a religion, I need it to be a community”. He goes on to question “will we take all of this self-work and turn it inside out, and show societies that we have as much food as wisdom, as much politics as peace….?” He ponders whether yoga can “continue to market itself as a consumer-class consolation, offering a fashionable inner peace to a preciously small fraction of humanity?”

It’s time to start building soup kitchens, I’d say…. (download the PDF Studios and Soup Kitchens)

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