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Because we all have a body that is aging,
It is the process of learning to move at our own pace,
Of understanding and regulating our emotions,
Of accepting ourselves through the changing lens of time,
That is health, that is grace.


Meet Lizzie

Before venturing into a yoga lesson with me or booking a therapy session, you might like to know a little bit about me. 

My work is as an educator and therapist. I come from a somatic background of yoga and bodywork (Rolfing, Craniosacral Therapy, Thai Massage), which also includes a somatic-based psychotherapy called Compassionate Inquiry.

My own lived experience has been the entry point into this field of work, for I came to know my own body first through auto-immune disease as a young child. These early years set me on a lifetime quest for understanding and healing, which came from movement, knowledge and self-exploration. On this path, in my twenties I discovered yoga, in my thirties, Rolfing, and, in my forties, Compassionate Inquiry.

My intention is to create a safe space for people to meet themselves with honesty and authenticity, and to support the liminal spaces that we are all navigating; spaces with potential for transformation.

yoga   rolfing  rolf movement  compassionate inquiry  craniosacral therapy  coaching

healthy re-imagined.

Functional Health  Aging Well  Trauma Recovery


What I Offer


Lizzie is a genuine teacher and therapist. She is generous with her time and knowledge and creates a safe environment that feels spacious.

Alice P.



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