Steady Through Change

guidance in (r)evolution


Integrative practices for
whole humans.

At the core of every person is the deep desire for safety, belonging and purpose, for this creates the context for how we feel in our lives. Yoga, Rolfing® and Compassionate Inquiry®/coaching enable me to guide in the journey of emerging clarity with courage, to be in the world as your essential self. These are symbiotic approaches that enable the process of becoming -- at ease, in balance, embodied -- with a defined sense of purpose and connection.

These are practices of healing and transformation.




Alignment and Ease
in Gravity, Body and Mind

At the heart of the yoga practice there exists a space for inquiry, movement and stillness; a space to heal and to re-awaken to our own basic goodness. I teach beginners, experienced yogis and teachers through a combined lens of explorative movement and classical asana. I have a special interest in supporting the ageing process and aiding in the healing process.

Our bodies are not separate from our minds, emotions or experiences. As we journey through life, we hold on to memories which often leave an imprint in the physical body. The Rolfing process alleviates tension strains held in the connective tissue by releasing, reorganising and redefining the relationship we have with gravity resulting in more balance, integrity and efficiency in space.

Sometimes there are aspects within us that hold us back. These beliefs can arise as ambiguity about where our path is going, as recurring patterns that show up in relationships,  or as a general unease within. Compassionate Inquiry and coaching are both approaches that provide a safe space, support and guidance to unshackle and challenge belief systems that no longer serve a purpose. Compassionate Inquiry looks back for the place of disconnect to give way to a more resolved present; coaching has a lens in empowering positive choices for the future.


Online or
in-person, the
first step is in showing up.



Hi there, my name’s Lizzie.

Before venturing to a class with me or booking a Rolfing session, you might like to know a little bit about me. 

I wasn’t born a dancer, or even flexible. Instead, I was born with an auto-immune disease. My interest in what it means to be human and our relationship with life and death on the continuum of change has been a fulcrum from which I have evolved over time into my present iteration -  where I find myself wearing a few hats. Stripped back to basics, I am a mirror, nurturer and guide. I've had a label as teacher and therapist for almost 17 years, and through this arc of time I’ve also become a mother, had a liver transplant, two spinal surgeries, and moved from London to the beautiful Surrey countryside which I now call home.


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