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Moving Through Change

Yoga, Rolfing and Compassionate Inquiry in Farnham


At the core of every body is a desire for safety and belonging.

With safety and belonging, our nervous systems regulate and we can be present with whatever life presents. I work as a Rolfer, yoga teacher and Compassionate Inquiry practitioner. All three of these modalities are designed to build awareness, bring ease and connection, and bridge our physical reality with our inner landscape.

Whether you've come to my website to heal an aching body, to learn how to move more freely, or to better understand yourself, this is a process of becoming -- at ease, in balance, embodied -- with a defined sense of presence, purpose and connection. It begins with the relationship you have with yourself.



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At Ease in Gravity, in the skin you're in

At the heart of the yoga practice there exists a space for inquiry, movement and stillness; a space to heal and to re-awaken to our own basic goodness. I teach beginners, experienced yogis and teachers through a combined lens of explorative movement and classical asana. I have a special interest in supporting the ageing process, those with chronic pain and healing/recovery. I also mentor teachers.

Over a lifetime, we tend to hold on to experiences, leaving an imprint in the physical body. Rolfing is a method that allevieates tension held in the connective tissue by releasing and reorganising them. This process redefine how we feel and relate to our body. More than that, Rolfing examines the relationship we have with gravity, resulting in more balance, integrity and efficiency in space. It feels like a cross between a slow and deep massage. Sometimes it is as if someone is moving your body for you, loosening the joints and creating space between the muscles and bones. Itis also a re-education in how to sit, stand and walk.

Compassionate Inquiry is an approach to psychotherapy that creates a space for getting curious about our belief systems that sometimes hold us back from living in the present moment. These sessions have the essence of a dialogue that results in more clarity, self-acceptance and self-compassion. The result is often a slowing down, and eventually a ceasing of self-inflicted suffering; suffering that happens from the mind.



Hi there, my name’s Lizzie.

Before venturing into a yoga lesson with me or booking a therapy session, you might like to know a little bit about me. 

My work is as an educator and therapist. While yoga and Rolfing are at the epi-centre of this world, I also work with functional and embodied movement and psychotherapy. The body began as my entry point to helping people understand and embrace the complex world of what it means to be human, but as I've aged and evolved in my work, new portals have emerged.

My body was my initial entry point to getting to know myself. I wasn’t born a dancer, or even flexible, but I came to know my own body first through auto-immune disease, at three years old. These early years set me on a lifetime quest for healing, to understand the origins of illness, and to know myself. On this path, in my twenties I discovered yoga, in my thirties, Rolfing, and, in my forties, Compassionate Inquiry.

Through illness and recovery, I have a better sense of what it means to be integrated, whole and accepting of life's circumstance -- most of the time!


My interest is in creating a supportive, safe space for you to explore and get to know your self, and to stay curious about what happens along the way.


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