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Moving Through Change

connecting the body and the inner landscape


Somatic-based therapies for
every body.

At the core of every person is the deep desire for safety, belonging and a desire to be seen and heard; this creates the context for how we feel about ourselves. Body-based (somatic) practices are designed to build awareness and connection to our physical reality, and our potential for healing. It is the body that guides us in understanding our belief systems, that aides in deeping our potential for healing, and connects us to our true nature.

My work is in meeting people where they are as I act as a reflection and an aid in finding clarity. This clarity may be about learning to be more present in one's life, about finding meaning and purpose, or simply seeing oneself through a more objective lens as a step towards self-acceptance. Ultimately, the work is about relationship; first and foremost, reconnecting to the relationship with one's Self. 

This is a process of becoming -- at ease, in balance, embodied -- with a defined sense of presence, purpose and connection.


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At Ease in Gravity, in the skin you're in

Our bodies are not separate from our minds, emotions or experiences. Over a lifetime, we sometimes hold on to experiences which leave an imprint in the physical body. Rolfing is a process that alleviates tension strains held in the connective tissue by releasing, reorganising and redefining the relationship we have with ourself in gravity, resulting in more balance, integrity and efficiency in space. This work is part table-based work, and part a re-education process of how to inhabit the body in every day life.

Compassionate Inquiry and coaching are offered one-to-one or in couples/small groups. 'CI' provides a safe space to unearth the belief systems that hold us back from living in the present - that are often the root of suffering and limiting behaviour. I work both with CI and Coaching to encourage people through their own process of engagement, presence, acceptance and fulfillment with life as it unfolds.

At the heart of the yoga practice there exists a space for inquiry, movement and stillness; a space to heal and to re-awaken to our own basic goodness. I teach beginners, experienced yogis and teachers through a combined lens of explorative movement and classical asana. I have a special interest in supporting the ageing process and aiding in the healing/recovery process.



Hi there, my name’s Lizzie.

Before venturing to a class with me or booking a session, you might like to know a little bit about me. 

I wasn’t born a dancer, or even flexible. Instead, I was born with an auto-immune disease. On my path towards knowledge and healing I have chosen adaptability, longevity and happiness over chasing a perfect body or yoga pose; I have doubled-down on accepting and loving myself over people's judgements about me. My interest is in helping you make your own choices too. 

I currently wear a few hats. I am a mirror, nurturer and guide, a dismantler and integrator of sorts. I've worn the label as teacher and therapist for almost 20 years, and through this arc of time I’ve also become a mother, had a liver transplant, two spinal surgeries, and more recently, colorectal surgery; I've moved from London to the beautiful Surrey countryside which I now call home.


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