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Yoga [and Surfing] Revival Holiday

It’s hard to believe that I’m planning for as far away as November, but now that I’ve planned what I’ll be doing from November 10-17th 2012, I hope you’ll plan ahead too!

I’m delighted to invite you to a retreat I will be co-hosting on the Moroccan coast from November 10-17th, 2012. The location is ideally situated for a peaceful yoga retreat, and due to the proximity to the ocean and natural resources, it also happens to be a bit of a surfing haven. Thus, the Yoga [and surfing] Revival Holiday is brought to life!

My friend and Naturopath, Rhian Stephenson, is co-hosting the retreat, and has designed a delicious menu that will leave you feeling amazing whether you choose to spend the bulk of your days in action on a surfboard, relaxing at the villa, pampering yourself with spa treatments or seeing the coast by horseback.

The attached flyer morocco retreat gives you all the basic information – but for more detailed information, please visit my website.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in attending and have any questions.

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