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WORKSHOP: You’re Gross! and the subtle Bodies: The Koshas

YOU’RE GROSS! and the subtle body: The Koshas Workshop

November 4


When someone tells us we are gross, we normally would take it as an insult. We don’t consider that in the scheme of things, our physical form is gross. It is big, clunky, made of the things we eat and held up by the things we think. When we embark on a yoga path, it can take time to understand that we are more than the body, which is changing all the time based on what we consume and how we choose to live. Over a period of practicing mindful movement, the way we move begins to transform; we become more graceful, more fluid. Eventually but inevitably, those with a keen interest in yoga begin to disassemble the physical form of who we think we are, and delve deeper to discover our true identity.

Yoga philosophy maintains that we actually have 5 bodies, or sheaths, moving from the gross (not disgusting but in comparison to pixie dust, on the heavier side of the scale) to the more refined layers of the mind, breath, intellect and finally, the core of our subtle body.

In this 3 hour workshop we will explore the rich landscape of yoga practices that disassemble, clean, and integrate our whole self. There will be mantra chanting, pranayama and meditation set to a rigorous backdrop of asana practice, Jivamukti XL.


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