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We are Sensitive Instruments

For most of us, daily life can be a rush from start to finish; getting from point A to B, focusing on completing tasks, and in general acting and reacting to the world around us rather than tuning in with how these interactions resonate within. After all, we are beings living in this world, and that entails keeping a roof over our heads, food on the table and attending to friends and family. In other words, daily life involves rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty.

What we sometimes overlook is that we are also beings of this world; we not only interact on a day to day level, but we have an impact others, some of who we will never meet, some of whom aren’t even born yet. In fact, we contribute to the earth’s very creation. How?

The essence of all of life begins with vibration. These vibrations are the seeds of energy and start on a very subtle level- through our thoughts. When left unobserved, stronger energetic movements are triggered that eventually manifest in the physical body, through expression, sound and action. Karma, the sanskrit word for action, starts with one subtle thought, and it’s up to us whether to feed that seed and encourage it to take root, growing into words and more physical forms of action, or not to feed that seed, diminishing its worth and using our energy elsewhere. This is true of both positive and negative thought.

Being human implies sensitivity; we are animate, fluid creatures who don’t come with an instruction manual. Instead, we tend to rely instead on instincts such as intuition and our sense organs to guide us. Not unlike a handmade instrument, we each resonate at our own pitch, creating unique vibrations that reverberate off of everyone and everything within our energetic field. Some beings have very strong energy fields, felt like lightening as they enter a room. Others have more refined energy, a quieter presence, but not necessarily less powerful.

When we have the opportunity to slow down and sit with the subtle forces operating within, we begin to open an inner world of sound, deep listening and compassionate understanding for the self and all beings. We listen to the rivers of our internal fluids flowing, the breath moving our thoughts like wind blowing the clouds overhead, the rough waters of our deepest fears and the calmness and peace of our safe havens; the super conscious observing all.

Chanting mantra enables us to tune in and realign our subtle vibrations with the most granular thoughts, polishing away the build up of residue until the vibrations become a reflection of our true divine nature. Indeed, we are sensitive instruments.

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