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Upcoming! Yoga Challenge 2012, Workshops and more…

As 2012 draws to a close and I spend my days mainly offline in countryside wind and waterswept farmscapes without internet, a few things to look out for in 2013!

I will be back teaching at Indaba Yoga Studio on January 5th at 10am. I hope to see you there to wish you a Blessed 2013!

The third and last Adjustments Workshop at Indaba will be on Sunday, January 6th from 1:30-4pm. If you have missed the first two, now is the time to sign up and deepen your understanding of assisting in inversions and backbends.

Lastly, I will again be running my personal yoga challenge this January starting on January 7th (running until February 7th). For 30 days I will attend 30 different yoga classes with 30 different teachers throughout London. This gives me the opportunity to visit new studios and attend some new and some old teachers classes, and check in with my own habit patterns and preferences. One of the biggest challenges of the yoga challenge is in finding the time to get to so many classes! Each week I will list the classes I plan to go to in advance in the chance (and hope) some of you may like to come along!

I hope to see you soon on, or off the mat. Happy 2012 and Welcome 2013!

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