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Take your practice on the road this summer

BUILDING A SELF PRACTICE ON AND OFF THE MAT with Lizzie ReumontSunday, July 6th, 1.30-4.30pm at Indaba Yoga Studio

Whether you are going on holiday or just wanting to spend more time in the sun, don’t let your practice get left behind! This workshop is about creating a well-balanced self-practice, whether you are completely new to practicing on your own, or are an old-timer to self-practice and looking for some inspiration.

Sequencing, alignment and self-adjustment will be key themes, as will the role of pranayama, diet and nutrition. To support the workshop (and your practice) Raw Fairies, the raw, vegan food delivery service, will be on hand with some tips for adding nutrition into your daily regime and sharing some treats.

LIzzie’s vinyasa-based classes are infused with a passion for music, attention to alignment and awareness of the breath. Hands-on, intelligent adjustments are her specialty, enabling the practitioner to open blocked areas of the body and deepen into the practice. Above all else, Lizzie believes that the only way to practice and to teach yoga is with a compassionate heart. SIGN UP NOW

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