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Simple Summer Salsa


This salsa recipe is one of my favourites, and could not be easier to make with a small food processor.

You’ll need:

-coriander (75g) -tomatoes (1 1/2 – 2 punnets of grape tomatoes or similar)-basalmic vinegar (preferably a basalmic glaze it is sweet. If you use basic basalmic vinegar add 1/2 Tbsp agave nectar or coconut nectar to add a little sweetness) -1 garlic clove (or garlic powder, 1 tsp) -1 lime ( juice squeezed) -olive oil (3 Tbsp) 1/4 red onion, cubed -1/2 red chili pepper (or 1 whole, depending on the spice factor) -cumin, to taste -pinch salt -smoked paprika spice (optional)

Depending on how big your food processor is, you can throw everything in at once. If you have a FP on the small side, put in garlic, chili pepper and everything else with 1/4 of the tomatoes. Do the rest of the tomatoes in a second batch so that the tomatoes are not pulverized, but chunky. That means they need about 3 pulses with the food processor, not more. The other ingredients, namely, the coriander, garlic, onion and chili, need a little more time, about 10 seconds, to chop thoroughly.

The whole thing should not take more than 5-10 minutes. Add in chick peas, black beans, and corn to add in protein and power. Serve with chips and home made guacamole:

-1 avocado, quartered -1/4 red onion -1/2 lime -coriander (25g) -olive oil (1 Tbsp)

Fiesta time!

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