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My (Wo)manifesto?

As human beings, we spend our time on this earth inhabiting our body, yet how many of us have an idea about our body and it’s sense of space, depth, and potential? As we journey from point A to point B and in between the defining moments of our lives, do we know where we are in space? Do we move with mindfulness in our skin, and in connection with the beings and places we touch? Do we have an understanding of who and what is affected by our presence?

The human experience is ultimately one about relationships: relationship with self; relationship with other, which we can define, in a sense, as gravity. There is the gravitational pull to the earth, of course, but our relationships with others also come with their own gravitational pulls and forces of attraction and repulsion.

Yoga is an embodiment practice that explores and cultivates the relationship of self, and self and other, while Rolfing extends these relationships into the realm of gravity.

My fascination and life’s work is in navigating through these changing relationships, while enhancing my life and hopefully also the lives of those around me as we build an awareness and understanding of these relationships together. I delight in bringing this to my yoga practice, my yoga classes, and to my practice as a Rolfer.

Every thing is in relation to every other thing, a concept that defies borders and boundaries by first defining them. Separation leads to integration. What a concept.

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