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Move the body and mind with music (on May 17th)

Nadam, the sanskrit word for deep listening, is described as the super-conscious sound current that manifests all of life. The seed word Nad means to flow, and Nada yoga unites inner and outer sound through flowing vibration. All of matter is made from energy, and sound creates energy. It follows, then, that everything seen, felt and heard has a sound quality.

In a sense, all movement starts with sound vibration, which is why practicing asana to music, particularly certain kinds of music, is so potent. Indian ragas ground and stabilize the body due to their calming nature, but also their rhythmic cycle and tonal quality. Chants invoking the names of the divine are also beneficial in regulating the breath and inviting fluid, meditative movement. This type of chanting can even unblock and open the heart.

Whereas practicing asana to music that helps to support a steady breath or reinforce a class theme is powerful, there is nothing as visceral as practicing asana to live music. The sound waves are electric and melodies are able to penetrate even the most blocked areas of the body.

This Thursday, come practice at Indaba Yoga Studio from 6 to 7:15pm with LIVE MUSIC. Luc Acke will join us from Belgium,playing harmonium and chanting while I lead a Jivamukti open class. Pre-booking may be a good idea as space is limited.

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