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Looking for something special for Mother’s Day?

HONORING YOUR DIVINE FEMININE: A MOTHER’S DAY WORKSHOP with Lizzie Reumont Date: 10/03/2013 14:00  – 16:00 £20 All levels welcome @ Indaba Yoga Studio

In ancient yoga tradition Shakti is the personification of the divine feminine creative power expressed in all of us. Not only is Shakti responsible for all of creation, but She is also the great agent of change. This mother’s day in appreciation and great gratitude of the divine feminine in your life, invite your mom, a special friend/sibling, or daughter/son (over 10) to join together on the mat for this special two hour practice.

Lizzie was first drawn to yoga as a philosophy student over 15 years ago as a way of deepening her understanding of the relationship between the body and the mind. As she increasingly integrated the practices of yoga into her daily life, the healing benefits transpired and yoga eventually took over as her fulltime occupation. She has intently studied with a variety of internationally renowned teachers and schools including Sivananda, Asthanga and Iyengar, and has been lovingly teaching the Jivamukti method since 2007.

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