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Lizzie’s Yoga Challenge, Day Four: the glitch

Today hasn’t exactly gone as planned. First, I was invited to tag along to a BBC radio interview that will be on the air at 4pm (tune in to 94.9 with JoAnne Good, or listen online). I was planning to practice at that time, and due to my parental and teaching duties, finding another time would be challenging. Then I planned to practice a little bit earlier based on my son going back to school today, but as it turns out, school doesn’t recommence until Wednesday! So, my friends, only four days into the challenge, and already I’m using one of my ‘lifeline’ cards. It’s going to be a long month!

The rest of the week has some gaps, but roughly:

Tuesday: Aram Raffy or Mercedes Nyoh (11:30am start time) at Triyoga Primrose Hill Wednesday: ? Thursday: Iyengar with Claudia Dossena (9:30-11:30am) at Indaba Yoga Studio Friday: Hot Power Hour (7:30-8:30am) with Kristi at Indaba Saturday: ? Sunday: ?

I will see the doctor to check in after last week’s hospital visit on Tuesday morning which will play a factor in determining what kinds of classes I choose for the next week and how often I can feasibly return to the mat. The other obstacle will be in working around the Rolfing training which resumes on Thursday. Stay Tuned!

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