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Lizzie’s Yoga Challenge, Day 16: Taking time out to regroup

Today was the first day since the challenge began on January 5th that I did not actively seek out a class. I woke up with a frog’s voice and sore throat, but was delighted by the time on the clock. 10:30am! Somehow my son had made his way into our bed and the three of us, like bears hibernating in a deep winter slumber, managed to Rip Van Winkle the morning away. And as if that wasn’t enough, I drew the shutters back and hooray! More snow!

There was only one thing looming overhead, something I knew the universe was telling me to sort it out by taking away my voice, my energy, and by making me (even if only a little bit) housebound. My taxes.

Somehow, between getting my taxes done and sorting through lots of old paperwork, I also came up with a bit of a schedule for this week’s challenge, subject to being tossed to the wind when life happens. Stay tuned!

Monday, Triyoga Chelsea 10:45-12pm Vinyasa 2 with Mollie McClelland Tuesday, Indaba Yoga Studio 9:30-11:30 Iyengar with Helen Stylianou Wednesday, The Life Centre, Notting Hill 14:15-15:45 Yoga 2-3 with Jeff Phenix Thursday, The Life Centre, Notting hill 14:30-15:45 Vinyasa 2-3 with Zephyr Wildman Friday, Alaric’s Home Studio 10:15-1:30pm Pranayama and Iyengar

Saturday is to be confirmed, and next Sunday will be a self practice as I’m teaching an Adjustments Workshop at Indaba Yoga from 1:30-4pm. If you are interested, please contact Indaba, limited space may still be available.

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