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Lizzie’s Yoga Challenge, Day 14: The importance of having a local shala

The snow today impeded upon my ability to travel further afield for my daily class, however, I did manage to catch Graham Burns at the studio in London closest to me: the Life Centre, Notting Hill.

I’ve always enjoyed Graham’s classes, and today was no exception. A mature and well-studied teacher, his classes offer balanced flow for a broad audience and he leads classes with a focus of developing the sense of body awareness. There is straightforward alignment instruction and factual or mythical tidbits interspersed with words of encouragement; all delivered with a slightly self-depreciating sense of humour and gentle tone. To top it off there is usually some form of pranayama or meditation at beginning and/or end.

It is wonderful to have a yoga studio five minutes from home. It means that I run into people from the shala on the street or at the market, and it means that even in the midst of a snowstorm I have a place to go to practice that isn’t cluttered with potential for interruption. It’s a wonderful reminder that all yoga studios offer an important and meaningful service to the community.

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