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Life Update, Where I’ve Been (!)

Oh how I miss the days of blogging. It feels like a long time since I’ve had the opportunity to sit down and put words to my experiences on and off the mat, on and beside the (massage) couch. But rest assured, transitions are happening.

FIrst, a new computer. After seven years, my wonderful computer has been passed on as the ‘family machine’. Translation: I can no longer update the software to a working order for my purposes and my somewhat less demanding two year old has found his way onto the keyboard. Yikes. Sadly, all of my files, music and applications are in a state of unravelling. A work in progress to transfer it all onto the latest gadget in my life.

Second, on the off chance that I am accepted AND find the time AND find the money to move forward with the Rolfing training, I’ve been busy working on a never ending application that has taken on a life of its own. I’m looking forward to either meeting, or missing the deadline in a few weeks. Time will tell…

Lastly, my son is at the wonderful, rich age of two and I’m more than officially in love. The weeks since we’ve returned from a rather disastrous holiday resulting in gastric flu and massive separation anxiety on his part, have been magical. He has not only regained any lost weight from a bad gastritis, but overcome the fear of separation, happily waving goodbye when we go our separate ways. Seeing your child flourish is the most happy gift one could receive, and for this I feel truly blessed.

So, until I get the application in, I hope to see you on or off the mat, on or off the couch, online or in real life, perhaps at Trafalgar Square with Thay on March 31?

The smells of spring, the sights of the budding trees are a beautiful reminder of temporal nature of all things, the potential for new life and inevitable decay. A reminder that the present moment is the only moment for living….

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