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Jivamukti Focus of the Month: Making the Matrix

heyam duhkham anagatam(PYS II.16) Future suffering is to be avoided

Soon, everything will change, and we will be launched into new dimensions of existence. Our preparations should begin immediately, because whatever we do right now will determine the future.

The accumulation of resonance from your enduring spiritual practice is creating a spaceship. Not the interstellar Star Trek variety with metal and fuel and fire, etc., but an intra-dimensional, organic spaceship called Earth. It is true, in the past we have created an Earth that was a time bomb rather than a vehicle for intra-dimensional travel, but the right time for change has arrived! You can begin by feeling the Earth under you and the atmosphere surrounding you. Feel our movement through space — very fast. Feel the spin and the wobble.

All around you is the complex engine that drives us through space and time. It is the precious metals and crystals under the ground; it is in the network of waters spreading from under the ground to the surface and into the atmosphere. The engine is composed of the tendrils of a small vine and the trunk of the oldest tree, as well the pyramids and the standing stone and the mouse that lives under it.

We will construct our Earthship from the elements (mahabhutas: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Aether) using tanmatra, the infra-atomic potential between the elements and nature. The tanmatra determines the form that the elements take, or you could say, how the world appears. The elements have infinite potential combinations, but only those appear to us that are called forth in the atmosphere through rigorous methods. Those rigorous methods appear in the world as advertising, media and internet, as well as language, class, law and legislation. The yoga practices create a different movement of tanmatra through rigorous methods, like repetition, concentration and detachment. For a yogi, the active principle for change in the world emerges from the world itself. They are five: Shabda-sound potential; Sparsha-touch potential; Rupa-sight potential; Rasa-taste potential; and Gandha-smell potential. When we can penetrate the senses beyond what we have already heard, touched, seen, tasted or smelled with yoga practice, we arrive at the tanmatric level of pure potential changing into the world. We imagine a world that sounds better, feels better, looks better, tastes better, and smells great! We propel our suggestion into the atmosphere over and over until it comes into being.

Our body/mind spaceship is assembled out of the fabric of a yoga practice and its alignment with the forces of evolution. This spaceship is made of the stuff of the Earth propelled into existence with purified thoughts of infinite potential. When you create sound physical, energetic, emotional and mental bodies, it is possible to become a contributing consciousness on spaceship Earth. When we rewire our nervous systems through asana, meditation and chanting, it becomes possible to steer the ship to the chosen destination.

– David Life

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