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At this time of year many of us naturally pause to take stock of all that we have in our lives, yet sometimes the joy of the season is veiled by family conflict, loneliness and grief. Yesterday was Thanksgiving, an American holiday that celebrates togetherness, abundance, and gratitude, yet many are left alone, or without enough to eat. Sadly, the families that do have enough often have an animal on the table to eat that goes unrecognized along with many other beings who are cast aside, unappreciated.

A lovely practice at this time of year that is also a constant practice, is moving through the day with mindfulness, with intention. What beings do we interact with and do we treat them as we would like to be treated? So much of life is taken for granted and seen with blinders, when in actuality, every aspect of life is precious. Being here is precious. Even reading words on a computer is not to be taken lightly; to have eyes to see and the means to have a computer. Short interactions in passing can be meaningful and bring a lot of joy to others if met with the right intent.

We all have the potential to be vessels of love, yet often words of gratitude are the most difficult to express because they are the most heartfelt; we become vulnerable by expressing matters of the heart. It takes practice, humility but also confidence to listen within, to open the vault and speak with compassion. It is a challenge sometimes, but the results give life sweetness and meaning.

We never know what others are thinking or wishing for, and as the gift giving season begins, it is a wonderful reminder that most people want Love. Its a beautiful gift to give, a sentiment of the heart, and it’s not too soon to start practicing and spreading joy. Everyday can be Thanksgiving, everyday can be about giving gifts of Love.

Happy Thanksgiving today, and every day.

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