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Extended Class Alert : Asana + Insight at Indaba

Asana + Insight : Coming Together and Moving Apart Indaba Yoga Studio, February 14th 2:30-5pm

In the quest for yoga, the union of the temporal self and loving awareness, there is continual negotiation. The mind pulls us towards certain things, and repels us away from others. In the asana practice it is often referred to as flexion and extension, and mirrored in life, most of us are in a continual balancing act of seeking new experiences outward, whilst drawing back, re-grounding and reflecting inward.  All of relationship exists in the tethered boundaries of coming together and moving apart.

This extended class will offer asana, pranayama, chanting and meditation with these themes in mind: Where does one asana end and another begin? Where does one person’s energetic field meet or merge with another? What is the relationship between physical potential and mental limitation? How can we be more dispassionate towards people and situation and yet more loving? Please come on this special day that celebrates relationship, to explore relationship through the lens of yoga.

>Book here online or call 020 7724 9994

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