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Embodied Yoga As Fascial Fitness

Embodied Yoga as Fascial Fitness an explorative movement workshop Indaba Yoga Studio (click here to book) Sunday April 8 1:30-4pm 30£

Ever wonder what gives your body its shape? Fascia, the connective tissue that webs itself in and around the body, plays a major role. We can feel elastic and soft, or solid and glue-like, depending on our life’s experiences and how we manage our self in gravity over time. Fascia is what enables us to feel a connection from head to toe through our movement patterns, or to experience pulls of asymmetry.

There is increasing evidence to suggest that ‘exercising’ the fascial web throughout the body is as important as cardio and muscular fitness. But what is fascial fitness?

In this workshop we will explore the ‘how’ of movement patterns. Using yoga asana as a common language, we will first address what fascial fitness means. We will then amplify our awareness of the unique patterns that are held in our body that may contribute to a physical limitation, injury or even chronic pain. Lastly, we will explore a new way of moving that will positively affect the fabric of the fascial system, increase overall health, strength and flexibility. This practice is intended for yoga practitioners with a curious mind. It is open to those with limitations, chronic pain and a desire to add depth and dimensionality to an embodied movement practice.

Lizzie Reumont is an advanced certified Jivamukti yoga teacher, a Rolfer, and a Rolf Movement Practitioner. Her liver transplant in 2013 increased her curiosity for how the body functions and is limited by, and can recover from illness and injury. She is continually curious about how we inhabit our physical container with its great potential and challenges in gravity.

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