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Dear Diary: The first day of the [rest] … of my life?

Self-isolation, Day 2. My last morning at home on my own for the foreseeable future. Tomorrow home schooling begins!

I set about first with the task of organising food reserves. I have enough nuts for the most well-resourced squirrel, fruit and veg only for 10 days. The freezer is full of veggie sausages and burgers, spinach soup and cauliflower pizza crusts. The pantry is full of beans, rice and pasta…I’m ready.

After a double dose of technical up-skilling, I worked to get my website up to speed with the daily news. This included testing out the new tools I’ve acquired for my online classes, including two beautiful second hand wooden stools I snatched from a charity shop, supposedly for my Rolfing practice. Now? Computer stands for live stream yoga! (Another small proof that we never really know why we do the things we do.) I did a test class before my test class with a very forgiving invisible audience who were both right on time and  perfectly in-sync throughout the class. Invisible audiences rock.

The actual class seemed to go over well, though there is a learning curve regarding the camera location, how much to do versus observe students, and already both the schedule I put together, and proposed pricing are all in flux. No time like the present to operate day by day in a semi-fixed way. The main point was the  sheer delight of seeing so many friendly faces. I’m looking forward to finding other ways to bring people together ‘virtually’ because I miss the before and after class banter. I will leave more time for these connections before, and after class in the future, as well as time to describe setting users up at home.

The rest of the day was spent both trying to absorb and reject the news, and planning for how to use this gift of time. My home is a woodland forest that is wonderful for meditation and afternoon hammock naps, but not so great for growing vegetables. On my to-do list is to build, or purchase a raised garden bed to grow my own vegetables. Once the building of that is underway and I have sowed the seeds I will feel a sense of completion and self-sustainable buoyancy. I guess I’ll have to wait a few more months to feel that tethered sensation of neither sinking nor an effortful swim.

As I said goodnight to my son, I told him that he should start a diary.

“Like Anne Frank?”, he said.

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