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Dear Diary: is this like that REM song?

Why yes, aged-Genexers huddled into a little self-protective fetal position, it is.

Self-isolation, Day 04, 05, 06, 07.

It’s all happening folks.

Now that self-isolation is in full swing (for all of us), it means limiting all contact, not leaving the house if possible, and becoming OCD about washing our hands. I’m not sure yet where the food will come from with all grocery stores running on hair spray and paper clips, but I’m awaiting stricter measures and food rationing to be put into place by the government any day.

Walking along a local trail around my house a few days ago (before domestic house arrest went into place), when did see people I seemed to be have a hard time looking at them and saying hello, as if their very existence, never mind a gaze, would poison me.  In retrospect, even these 2-meter half-smiles at strangers are now missed. Communication has changed dramatically over these past two weeks. How I experience people’s faces is changing. There is an emptiness where touch and physical contact once made me feel complete; those interactions gave my life meaning. It is early days in this new project of self-isolation. I am curious, feel that my heart is open and ready to see what happens. Even still, I am grieving the loss of physical social freedom.

I have some ideas about creating a new community online. I hope you will join me by participating in my new project:  The Hive Mind Collaboration.

It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine…

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