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Day Five, Lizzie’s Yoga Challenge: Vinyasa Yoga with Lucy Bruegger

Today I found myself driving to the Life Centre Islington in a torrential downpour, that oddly, did not get in the way of Monday morning traffic. I was headed to Lucy Bruegger’s class, a woman I had not yet met but whom had contacted me about my yoga challenge. I was greeted by a very lovely young Lucy who immediately put me at ease. As we started off class with a nice warm up sequence, it dawned on me what a privilege it is to wake up to a yoga class in the morning. I don’t often have the opportunity to practice in the morning myself due to work or family responsibilities, but it is really a wonderful thing to give yourself, especially on a Monday morning, listening to the rain hit against the rooftop.

The class progressed and we were guided through sun salutations, standing postures, backbends and inversions, and before I knew it, we were seated for pranayama and meditation. Lucy has a beautiful voice and a nice, confident presence as a teacher. She gave me a couple of adjustments that were not overly forceful but did bring my attention to the areas touched. I left feeling very mellow and relaxed.

Overall, I liked the class and found Lucy easy to listen to, and easy to follow. Unfortunately, we didn’t do any seated postures. I was, however, able to tune into my body and mind, which is not something to take for granted. In this regard, Lucy created an atmosphere and a space that enabled me to focus inward, which one could say is the whole point of practicing asana.

All of the classes I have gone to so far have made me think about my own teaching. While during the course of this month I am going to various yoga classes and writing about my experiences; I in no way intend or pretend to come across as ‘the expert’. I am simply a person very interested in the practice of yoga and teaching and the elements that go into a yoga class, not to mention how it feels to be in the body. This process, if anything, has made me more self- critical of my own practice, and of my teaching capabilities. Taking time off from anything for months would make it difficult to return right where you left off, and for me, since the transplant I feel rusty in my body and in my mind as I return to teaching. Taking classes during this month is as much about exploring the yoga scene here in London as it is about getting back on the horse and finding my practice and my teaching capability. Bear with me, it’s a work in progress! I truly feel grateful just to be able to show up.

Tomorrow, 17:30-18:30 Yoga 1-2 with Alexa Harris at The Life Centre, Notting Hill. Wednesday, 12:15-13:45 Vinyasa Flow Open with Laura Gate Eastley at Triyoga, Primrose Hill.

Carpe Diem!

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