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Day 9, Lizzie’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge

The domino effect got me today. My nanny arrived late and as a result I arrived to the Life Centre to a full class. After scouring multiple studios’ timetables also taking into considering my own teaching and therapy schedule, I wound up at Indaba for an hour and a half self practice that, in all honestly, was a little slice of heaven.

My own practice varies considerably, but today it was a solid hour Jivamukti vinyasa flow with a lot of hip work, followed by 15 minutes of core strengthening, 15 minutes of chanting and 15 minutes of meditation.

Self-practice was not a part of the challenge to begin with, but I have decided to give myself 2 more self-practice ‘get out of jail free’ cards just in case this happens again….hopefully it won’t, but things are never as in control as they seem, and dominos fall when they may. Svaha!

Tomorrow, Iyengar with Nita Shah at Indaba Yoga Studio, 4-5:30pm.

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