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Day 3, Lizzie’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge

Today I finally attended Mimi Kuo-Deemer class at the Life Centre Notting Hill after seeing her name on various studio schedules for years. Mimi brought a quiet, positive energy to the yoga space and offered a variety of options for students of all levels. She integrated some Chi-Gong movements into the class sequence, and all in all it was a well-rounded dynamic classic on the less challenging end of the spectrum. At the end of the class we did a gathering exercise where we were asked to envision all the things that no longer serve us, and transform this into positive energy, into things we can use to become stronger. It was a grounding practice.

The Life Centre has a wonderful calming energy about it and I always enjoy practicing and teaching there.

Next up, Astanga with Phillippa Gendall, 18:45-20 at the Life Centre. It’s been a long, long time since I have gone to an Astanga class and am rather looking forward to it!

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