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Day 25, Lizzie’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge

I used my second ‘self-practice card’ today as scheduling overtook me, though I wasn’t actually alone. My nearly two year old son was with me, which, as you may imagine, changes things immensely.

He’s old enough now that he wants his own mat and tries to mimic downward dog, shalabhasana, lunges and can teach me a few things about virasana alignment. Mainly though, he vacillates between climbing on, running around, and lying under me, bringing books and assorted cars onto my mat (not his), and repeating his first word, ‘yucky’ whenever possible (and it’s always possible). We do manage to fit in some rock and roll navasanas and acroyoga variations, where – go figure – I’m always the base.

Tomorrow I’m going to lose some challenge points as I’ll return to Richard’s class at Iyengar Institute. It’s the only free time I’ll have tomorrow as it turns out, and after today’s toddler yoga, it’s a little gift to myself.

There’s still 5 days left! I would love to see You next to me on the mat! Any class suggestions?

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