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Day 17, Lizzie’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge

For the first time since the 30 Day Yoga Challenge began, my energy levels today were lower than normal. My son has been fighting a cold, so maybe that’s taking a toll on me, or maybe it’s the busy work schedule made busier trying to fit in classes that aren’t in my regular practice schedule. Ohh, that sounds like a bit of a moan! Bottom line is today I had to make a choice to do a self practice or to return to Nita’s Iyengar class at Indaba Yoga Studio, where I had just finished giving a Thai massage. Based on the tweaked knee from yesterday’s short stint into ballet (and my fatigue), I went to Nita’s class. It was just what I needed at the time. So, no new teacher, no new studio today, but even more of a reason to get to Kate Walker’s class tomorrow at Triyoga Primrose Hill! Let’s hope the parking Gods are on my side!

And now, here’s to hoping Louis stays asleep tonight.

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