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Day 11, Lizzie’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge

Laura’s class today at Triyoga Primose Hill was a nice surprise. In the hour and a half class we were able to work deeply into the hips and thoracic spine in a safe way that incorporated a few postures that are not normally held into for several minutes in a vinyasa class. As part of the sequence we held into ardha astrasana, kapotasana, took vrksasana after urhdva danurasana and stayed in a couple of longer held twists as well.

A personable teacher, I liked that Laura mentioned what works for her in her self-practice and the class was clearly a reflection of that. She made her was around the room making adjustments, and while the few adjusts I received weren’t deep, they were meaningful in that they conveyed to my body how to deepen the posture. She offered a plethora of ‘lovelies’ as words of encouragement, and was available and present for those who needed more attention, letting others get on with their practice.

The name of the class (‘Vinyasa’ Flow) was not really accurate as Laura didn’t keep a strict breath count (or any breath count), and the pranayama was a little oddly sequenced at the beginning of class (again, issues of breath count with nadi shodhana and agni sara), but I really enjoyed the class nonetheless.

The Triyoga space itself felt in real need of a refurbishment (and a good ‘ol deep clean). The amount of hairs and dust bunnies on the studio floor was alarming, and even in the potentially wonderful cafe and boutique space the lighting was so dingy I couldn’t get a proper look at the products. On another note, the smell of food right after a yoga class was a little off-putting (even knowing the food there can be mighty tasty!)

Next up, Richard’s class at 11:45-1:45 at Iyengar institute, Maida Vale. It’s my regular weekly institute class, my one time this month I’m able to take it, so a guilty pleasure! Stay tuned…

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