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Day 10, Lizzie’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge

It was great to get in an Iyengar class in today at Indaba Yoga Studio. Located around the corner from Marylebone Station, the studios are spacious, the staff easygoing and gregarious. The space is modern and warm, and where it lacks any blatant spiritual images or objects, the teachers and students more than compensate – there is a quality about the people who work and practice here that is genuinely unifying.

My class with Nita Shah at 4-5:30pm was a great general Iyengar class. Nita has a calm presence, at the same time knows how to use her voice to get everyone working. She gave very clear instruction, offered options for those more advanced and more beginner, and was patient, repeating herself as many times as necessary until everyone was listening. We did a few partner exercises that got the group interacting, and she engaged us by posing questions and welcoming comments. What’s more is that she knew the names of all of the students.

Tomorrow I’m off to Triyoga in Primrose Hill for Lara Gate-Eastley’s class, 2-3:30pm. If you’re there, come say hello!

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