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Back to the challenge: a week later, day seven with Kate Walker

Although this hasn’t been my first yoga class in a week, up until now it has either been self practice, test classes or Rolfing school, not accounting for much time or material to report on. I surprised myself by honoring my intentions to attend Kate Walker’s class today when I actually made it to Triyoga on time, even without a lot of energy to spare.

Kate is a wonderful, well-established and reliable teacher, apparent by her full class in the middle of the day in Primrose Hill. It had been many months since I had attended her class, but it felt very much like a Kate Walker class; steady with ample time for meditation, warm up, basic standing, seated, back bending and inversion asana work with lots of choice given to the practioner. There was music, set a quiet mood, more than anything else, and there was a good space at the end for a dreamy savasana. I have always liked Kate’s classes and today was no exception. For the practitioner who knows what to expect and doesn’t like to be pushed too much by the teacher, I can’t recommend Kate highly enough. Her class balances effort with ease, and similarly there is a balance in her personality. She has an angelic vibrancy to her personality without affect or ego. What’s more, she just back from five weeks of holiday overseas and is rejuvenated and tanned! Lucky Kate.

Tomorrow my class plan has changed. Luckily Louis’ knee is no longer bothering him so he’s off to Belgium with papa, but I have been nominated chauffeur to the train station during the time of Alaric’s class. I will instead check out Feldenkrais for Yoga with Daniel Gelblum at 12:45pm, the Life Centre Notting Hill. I’m a little bit fascinated with Feldenkrais as I gave understood it to be a related work to that of Rolfing. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s entry!

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