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Sunday, 4th March 1-4pm with Lizzie Reumont

As the late, great James Brown said, you gotta get down to get up!

This yoga workshop focusing on inversions will put the funk in your trunk as we work together to root into the earth first through our feet, then through our hands, to expand ourselves in all directions.

Inverted postures of yoga can be some of the most challenging, but also the most rewarding. This open level workshop invites the practitioner to take on the challenge of seeing things from a different vantage point and diminish the fear associated with turning our bodies (and minds) upside down. Becoming aware of the challenges, concepts and emotions that arise during the practice, we will work independently, with partners and in small groups to instil confidence and technical knowledge needed to practice inversions safely.

Reversing the aging process! Stimulate intuition and clarity! Become enlightened (or boogie down trying). But seriously, get over yourself (your ego, that is) and explore what happens when roots expand into wings…and you take flight.

This workshop is appropriate for those who have a fear of inversions as well as those who practice inversions regularly but could benefit in building a more stable foundation and proper alignment. We will focus on headstand (sirsasana), handstand (adho mukha vrksasana), forearm stand (pinchamayurasana), crow(bakasana), side crow(parsvabakasana) and flying pigeon (galavasana)

£30 for 3 hours

£25 earlybird before February 28th

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