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Moving Through Change

connecting the body and the inner landscape

Wednesdays 9-10:15am
Sunday, June 4th 10-11:30am



Somatic therapies for
every body.

At the core of every person is the deep desire for safety, belonging and to be seen and heard; this creates the context for how we feel about ourselves. Body-based (somatic) practices are designed to build awareness and connection to our physical reality, and our potential for healing. It is the body that guides us in understanding our belief systems, that aides in deeping our potential for healing, and connects us to our true nature.

My work is in meeting you where you are, as a reflection and guide towards clarity. It may take on a tone of learning to be more present, finding meaning, or simply seeing yourself as you are as a step towards self-acceptance. Ultimately, the work is about relationship; most importantly, the relationship with yourself.

This is a process of becoming -- at ease, in balance, embodied -- with a defined sense of presence, purpose and connection.


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At Ease in Gravity, in the skin you're in

Our bodies are not separate from our minds, emotions or experiences. Over a lifetime, we sometimes hold on to experiences, and these can leave an imprint in the physical body. Rolfing is a process alleviating tension held in connective tissue by releasing, reorganising and redefining their role in the body as it relates to muscle, bone and nerves. More than that, Rolfing examines the relationship we have with gravity, resulting in more balance, integrity and efficiency in space.

Compassionate Inquiry and coaching are offered one-to-one, online and in-person. Compassionate Inquiry is a a psychotherapeutic approach to understanding ourselves and the belief systems that can limit us from being true to our self, and has the essence of a dialogue designed to bring you into the present experience. Coaching is designed to being clarity to an aspect of life where we may feel 'stuck'; to bring scaffolding to a change process and/or help to bridge a gap between an idea and manifestation.

At the heart of the yoga practice there exists a space for inquiry, movement and stillness; a space to heal and to re-awaken to our own basic goodness. I teach beginners, experienced yogis and teachers through a combined lens of explorative movement and classical asana. I have a special interest in supporting the ageing process and aiding in the healing/recovery process.



Hi there, my name’s Lizzie.

Before venturing into a yoga lesson with me or booking a therapy session, you might like to know a little bit about me. 

I love hats, and wear several (but usually not at any one time). When I'm not engaged with my work, I'm a mother, wife, daughter, artist, swimmer, nature enthusiast and cook, to name a few of my common pasttimes. My work hats are as teacher and therapist, and while yoga and body-based therapies are at my core, I have branched out over the past twenty years into functional and embodied movement and more recently, psycho-somatic / relational therapy.

Each of us brings with us our own perspective into the world, this vantage point shaped from our earliest beginnings. I wasn’t born a dancer, or even flexible. Instead, I was brought into the world with an auto-immune disease, and grew up in the midst of family dysfunction. These early years set me on a lifetime quest for healing. In my twenties I discovered yoga, in my thirties, Rolfing, and, well, the saying goes that we teach what we most need to recieve.

Through illness and recovery, I have found wholeness within myself. My interest is in creating a supportive, safe space for you through change by offering guidance, encouragement and tools along the way.



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